Welcome to HIROSHIMA!

How to use the HIROSHIMA BUS

(1)Please get n the bus from the back door.

(2)Passengers using cash, take a number ticket from the box when boarding.

(3)Please quickly take a seat in any available seat.

(4)When your stop appears on the monitor at the front of the bus, please press the stop button immediately.

(5)The next stop as well as fare is constantly displayed on the front monitor. Ticket section number is displayed. Your fare is displayed below it.

(6)Put the fare with the number ticket into the fare box next to the driver.

How to use the IC card & Free Pass

(1)You can use the following IC card and Free Pass at the bus.

(2)We accept these IC cards.

PASPY and the following 10 IC cards are available: Kitaca, PASMO, Suica, manaca, TOICA, PiTaPa, ICOCA, HAYAKAKEN, nimoca, and SUGOCA.

(3)Passengers using transport IC cards tap your card on the card reader when you get on and off the bus.

(4)Please let us know if you would like to recharge your card in the bus. (1,000 yen bill only)

(5)Charge and exchange should be made while the bus is stopped.

※Change maker does not accept high banknote such as ¥10,000 , ¥5,000, and ¥2,000.

※You can not use “JAPAN RAIL PASS”!!